“I was born and raised in Trinidad where having a great time was ALWAYS surrounded by good food. ”
Naima Craft // Founder // Baker // Instructor

How It All Began // The Craft

Trinidadians are known for something called “limin”— in other words, hanging out with a good beer or mixed drink and of course, FLAVORFUL FOOD! My native cultural cuisine and flavors have largely influenced how I enjoy experiences surrounding different types of foods, allowing me to be a little more “courageous” than the average person; trying new tastes and cultural flares from around the globe! In my world, as long as the food tastes good—I’m. In. Heaven! Why baked goods? I’m glad you asked! When I was around the “tween” age, my grandmother introduced me to basic baking: cakes and quick breads—all mixed and created by hand. Then she bought me my own hand mixer!


I felt so special, especially being aware of how much and how long she may have had to save to purchase that precious baking tool!

That mixer took my baking efficiency up a notch and soon was I baking cakes that I frosted, cut into slices, packaged up and sent off with my mother to sell in her corporate offices. EVERY SINGLE DAY! I’m sure that you are able to imagine the early afternoon sugar crave that was abundant in such government institutions. I was happy to help them curb their craving!

Fast forward and I kept selling cake slices during high school and through my first job as a secretary. I quickly pursued my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Hartford, followed by an advanced certification in vestibular rehabilitation from the American Institute of Balance in Florida. I secured a great career at Hartford Healthcare at Home, working as a physical therapist and an administrative beacon for delivering quality healthcare. Alas, my love for food NEVER left me! I was always happiest when given the opportunity to dream and create dishes that not only satisfy my palate but also made my soul smile!

Have you ever eaten something so scrumptious that you literally felt like your soul got a hug? You know you have!

That’s exactly how I feel when I create or experience scrumptious baked goods coupled with just the right cup of hot coffee…mmmmm! I love sharing my creations with others and learning new ways to improve my outcomes; always pursuing that “soul-hugging” experience as best as I could. I am happiest in those moments, sharing my feelings and enjoyment with others. That’s how The Craft was born!

I want to be a part of creating experiences where people get to share in happiness and satisfaction through the joy of baking…and eating!

I’m yet to find someone voicing displeasure around great tasting food. It just doesn’t happen. When people get to experience great tastes, those moments are always accompanied with feelings of contentment, even cheerfulness if you will!

Whether I am whipping up some baked-from-scratch deliciousness or joining you in the kitchen at one of our baking experience classes, I want to help you experience a soul hug! The only kind of soul hug that happens when you combine good food with good people…and a whole lot of heart!

Let’s craft something together today!



A little bit about Naima’s world outside of baking:

Naima graduated from the University of Hartford in 2010, with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. She is the lead vestibular therapist for Connecticut Physical Therapy Specialists (CTPTS) where she holds a certification in advanced vestibular rehabilitation from the American Institute of Balance with primary focus on vestibular pathologies and dizziness. She is also certified in concussion management and rehabilitation from CCMI with a focus on vestibular pathologies related to acute and post-concussion diagnoses. See more about CTPTS here to learn more about their orthopedic manual therapists who specialize in movement rehabilitation.