"The food was AMAZING. Thank you a million times over. From start to finish, everyone was thrilled. I’ve never seen folks ask for so many take-home plates"

Joseph - The Children's Museum


Are you looking to elevate your next event or gathering? Look no further than The Craft!  We specialize in providing exceptional, handcrafted products and services.

Whether it's a corporate luncheon, a birthday celebration, or a special occasion, our artisan touch is sure to impress.


We also assess custom requests!

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Mini Menu

Minimum quantity per item, per flavor: 15
Some flavors are subject to change due to seasonality


Bagels (assorted, asiago, everything, plain)
Brownies (chocolate chip)
Brownies (salted caramel)
Cinnamon roll
Croissant (almond)
Croissant (chocolate)
Croissant (plain)
Muffin (regular)
Muffin (GF)
Scone (cheddar & chive/rosemary & sundried tomato)
Scone (chocolate & espresso/almond joy/orange cranberry)
Turnover (apple)
Turnover (cherry)



Minimum quantity per sandwich type: 4
Minimum quantity of sandwiches per order: 12
Some flavors are subject to change due to seasonality


 Chicken salad spinach wrap
Turkey (roasted)
Turkey salad


Chive and onion cream cheese
Plain cream cheese
Honey butter
Plain butter