At The Craft, we believe in creating and maintaining the highest possible quality products and services.  Our clients are the reason we are here and we plan on keeping them as happy as we possibly can with every single delivery, experience or loyalty rewards program!

Here is what some of our loyal customers have had to say - and some photos of their enjoyment as well.


Thank you so much for the incredible experience! I greatly enjoyed our time together! You thought of so many details that made the time even more enjoyable! And the end results were perfection!!
— Kathryn
“Hands down the best present! A sister date - baking lesson with Naima at The Craft”

— Makenzi


"When you eat what Naima bakes, you can feel the love she has put into her product.  I had the Lemon Loaf and WOW.  It was an experience I will want to repeat again and again.  Love love love her baked goods !!!

— Lynn


“I have not found a better asiago bagel than this place.  They make great vegan chocolate chip cookies.  Don't get me started on the croissant loaf....pure heaven

— Eric


“Chocolate croissants. English muffins.  Cinnamon rolls.  I've never had something NOT good from The Craft

— Tori 


“I recently ordered a few things for a family member's memorial in Pennsylvania, and my family and I were blown away by the quality an presentation of the baked goods.  We had the chocolate croissants (Aunt Judy ate at least 2-3 of them by herself!), lemon bread, and zucchini bread.  Everything was delicious and every member of my family commented on my "fancy goodies from CT!"  There will be more Craft in my future.

— Kelly


“I'm so happy I decided to place an order!  Everything we have tried has been amazing!  Having the frozen option for things is great!!!  Can't wait to place my next order!

— Heather


The best home-baked cinnamon buns and croissants!

— David