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48 cookie box


This gift box comes with all three flavors of our vegan cookie line. This pack is the perfect choice for bigger events! Notes for messages are purchased separately.

These cookie boxes ship Thursdays - Saturdays and Mondays. For orders over 16 lbs., please send an email to for a custom invoice.

Cookie boxes cannot be ordered together with non-shipping items. The system will generate an error message.



Our incredibly delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies are a longtime crowd-pleaser. Enjoy this soft cookie and its perfect mix of rich dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt. Cookies individually sleeved.


Our vegan oatmeal raisin cookies contain real walnuts and grated coconut for an extra-hearty treat you can sink your teeth into. Cookies individually sleeved.


Our vegan sugar cookies have just the right amount of sweet to satisfy tastebuds. Simple, tender, delicious. Cookies individually sleeved.


Our oatmeal raisin cookies contain walnuts.

Make sure to check our shipping guidelines.

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